Darren Grahn

Darren Grahn :: Nickelback, Metallica, 40 Ft. Echo, Nothing Face and Monster Magnet
Darren Grahn

Darren Grahn began his career as an assistant to legendary rock producer Bob Rock and famed engineer Randy Staub. Darren travelled the world with Bob and Randy to many exotic locations assisting or engineering such acts as Metallica, Cher and Bon Jovi. Now several years later, Darren Grahn applies the skills he learned from his mentors to projects of his own.

A skilled producer, Darren is known for working with artists on their songs from the writing stage to the final mastering stages - ensuring all steps are taken to make each song the best it can be, from performance to mix down. Darren is an excellent engineer and mixer, who is often hired to mix for high-profile artists.

Darren is in demand for his proficient ProTools/Editing skills as well. From The Black Eyed Peas to Monster Magnet Darren works with all genres of music and ensures the studio experience for his clients is fun and productive.

  54-40 Album: Casual Viewin USA
Album: Casual Viewin' USA
Bon Jovi  Album: Keep the Faith Bon Jovi
Album: Keep the Faith
Metallica Album: Reload

Album: Reload

Motley Crue Album: Motley Crue Motley Crue
Album: Motley Crue
Nothing Face Album: Skeletons Nothingface
Album: Skeletons